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5 Tips to Nail the Maid of Honor Toast

This is how much Brideside loves you. We’ve been watching YouTube clips of random women giving Maid of Honor speeches to figure what exactly goes into the secret sauce for the best Maid of Honor Toast. Bottom-line: you don’t have to steal the show. Keep it simple and smile. Presenting our 5 tips:

1. Get Excited!

This is a huge deal. You were asked by your best friend to give a toast on the day she will remember for the rest of her life. Take it seriously and don’t procrastinate. The Knot recommends starting 3 weeks ahead of time, getting feedback and letting time and your creative juices take over the editing process.

maid of honor toast

2. Remember the Basics.

At the beginning of your Maid of Honor toast, thank the bride and groom for putting on such a lovely party and thank their families if that’s appropriate too. Most importantly, add some context around how you know the bride with a quick little story (only a joke if you have a good one).maid of honor picture


3. Recognize the Union.

Though you may be best friends with the bride, acknowledge both of them. Share a quick anecdote about how you knew your gal pal was head over heels, and reciprocate with a tale of how you knew she found her soul mate. It’s classy and will go a long way.


ecstatic bride

4. Maid of Honor Props.

Some of the best toasts we watched involved a “prop,” a little piece of memorabilia that the bride wasn’t expecting that brought a huge smile to her face! The Maid of Honor also looked poised because she had something to do with her hands.

maid of honor props

5. Take a sip!

Don’t forget that you are giving a TOAST not a speech. Drive it home to the end and be sure to close with a little blessing, a quote, a song lyric…something to give your few moments an ending. And then don’t forget to take a sip after you raise your glass!

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