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Planning a wedding is lots of fun. Being immersed in beautiful flowers, pretty dresses and tasty cakes, it’s a girl’s dream… if you have the right tools. The internet is flooded with wedding advice, amazing ideas, but a solid budget is the best foundation for creating your big day. So we created a wedding budget spreadsheet for you! All you need to do is fill it out as you plan your wedding. To make it extra easy, it’s available as a Google Doc or an Excel file.

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Wedding Budget Template

We kept our wedding budget spreadsheet simple and easy to use. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the version below that suits you best (Excel or Google Docs – please note in Google Docs you have to select “File>Make a copy” so you can edit your own version).

2. Enter your total budget for the wedding (cell K5).

3. Enter individual estimates for all the components.

4. Use the “Miscellaneous” category for anything we haven’t captured.

5. As actual expenses occur, enter them in the correct “actuals” columns.

**If you add or remove rows, the final amounts may need to be adjusted to reflect the new format.

Google Docs and Excel

Google Docs wedding expense spreadsheet – The Google Docs wedding budget lets you easily collaborate with others (like your future spouse or parents). Click this link to open up a new window with a Google Docs version of Brideside’s wedding budget. Please note: To save and edit your own copy, go to “file” and then “make a copy.” You can name the file anything you want and it will be saved to your Google Drive.

Excel wedding budget – Here’s a copy of the Brideside wedding budget template you can download to use in Excel on your computer. You’ll need Microsoft Excel to use this file.

We’ll leave you to it and head back to what we do best—outfitting you in stunning dresses and accessories!



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Please note: Brideside is not responsible for your use of these spreadsheets or the outcome of your wedding budgets. By using these documents, you are agreeing to this.