Congrats on being asked to be The Maid of Honor! It’s a lot of work but it is always an honor when you’re asked! The perfect Maid of Honor is equal parts organizer, party girl, mediator and psychiatrist, sounds like a big ticket to fill? We are here to help and break it down for you.

Assist the bride with all-wedding related shopping.

This is more than helping the bride on her quest to find the perfect Bridal gown or browsing Brideside to find the best bridesmaid dresses, if she needs someone to hit up the florist or visit the wedding planner with you’re her girl.

Lend an ear, even if she’s going on about the perfect shade of pink for the 1000th time

Remember how much you love this girl and how honored you are to be in her wedding party. Just sit back, listen and provide a little feedback every so often.

Plan + host the bridal shower

Planning and hosting the bridal shower one of our favorite Maid of Honor duties! Remember to send invites to all friends and relatives 6 weeks in advance. Also, work with your bride to find out her perfect vision. If she’s not feel games or is trying to steer clear of cocktails adjust to her vision quickly.

Keep a record of gifts, this will become her bible when writing thank you’s

We’re not going to lie, this is not our favorite Maid of Honor duty, but it’s par for the course. During the Bridal shower take note of every relative and friend’s gift so the bride can send a nice thank you note after the shower.

Oversees the bridal party

Help the bride out by working with her to make sure the bridal party is all set for the shower, bachelorette and wedding day.

Be the brides wingman: help address invitations, choose wedding colors, pick out bridesmaid dresses

Volunteer early to help address invitations, working on place holders, favors or even assist in picking out wedding colors. Better yet, invite the bridal party over for a Netflix binge and wine and crank through the invites, decor, or what ever the bride needs as a team. It’s a great bonding experience and would help you get the work done in half the time.

Say a few words at the rehearsal dinner or wedding

A great maid of honor speech is an art, and for many shy maids of honor it’s a duty they are dreading. Just remember weddings are full of love and everyone there loves the bride and groom as much as you. If that doesn’t help we have 5 tips to nail your Maid of Honor Speech.

Attend all pre-wedding parties

From three engagement parties to private family showers you’ll be invited to them all. Just relish the chance to hang with your bestie and lend a hand when you arrive. A great Maid of Honor also gets to know all of her bride’s family.

Plan the bachelorette with the bridesmaids

Party time excellent! Planning a bachelorette party is another of our favorite Maid of Honor Duties. Just make sure you stick with the bride’s vision for her last bash.

Arrange the bride’s train + veil throughout ceremony

Keep an eye out for the bride’s train and veil during the ceremony. Even the slightest movement,say turning to place the ring on her betrothed’s finger, can wrinkle a bride’s train. Make sure to look down every few minutes to fix it. The bride deserves a picture perfect wedding and a wrinkled train can botch the whole thing.

Hold brides bouquet while the couple exchanges vows

This is likely the simplest Maid of Honor duty. Just remember to smile and make eye contact with the bride as you help her with her bouquet.

Sign the marriage license as a witness, along with best man

Can I get a witness? Well yes, that’s you! Practice your penmanship and get excited to sign the marriage license.

Help bustle the train for when she puts her ‘dancing shoes’ on at reception

Bustle before the cupid shuffle. If the bride has a train help her tie up her bustle before the reception starts.

Carry an emergency kit for bride day of + let her know if she needs a make up refresh

Emergency kits are no longer limited to tissues. Pack a small bag with everything from eye lash glue and water proof mascara to beauty and garment tape. With your emergency kit you should be able to take on the world.

Greet guests at the reception and encourage dancing + merriment

Keep that smile on your face while you chat with various guests and get down on the dance floor.

Keep the bride laughing, a happy bride is a happy life

 Make sure the bride is having the sunniest day ever, after all it’s likely she’s been thinking of this day for her entire life. If anything goes wrong or she’s unhappy with anything during the wedding make sure to chat with the vendor immediately.

Have you ever been a MOH? If so, what’s the best advice you can share?