Hesitant to wear blush because you think it will wash you out? We get it. It can be hard to find the right blush and light pink colors that suit your skin tone. Fair skin types get washed out easily, and the wrong blush shade can make darker tones and tans look dull as well. When it comes to blush, hue is everything.

Finding blush shades that complement your skin tone is challenging. There are many different hues and undertones to a person’s skin. You’ve likely noticed the subtle variation in foundation and concealer shades with undertones ranging from reds, yellows, blues and even combinations. Your skin tone can change year-round with sun exposure, but your undertone remains the same. Knowing your undertones will help you discover which blush bridesmaids dresses will best suit your complexion.

Here’s a trick to figuring out what your undertone is: In direct sunlight, examine the veins on the underside of your arm. If the color runs more green, you likely have a warm undertone. If it’s blue, your skin has a cool undertone. If you still can’t tell, you might have a neutral undertone, which is a combination of both cool and warm. (By far the most versatile; lucky you!)

If your bride chose lighter blush tones for her wedding palette, don’t fear! All you need to do is find a blush bridesmaid dress with the right undertone to complement your complexion. Keep reading to discover which dresses will work best for you.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Warm Undertones

A warm undertone generally indicates a slightly yellow tint to your skin. Your skin might tan easily, and you could have freckles, and hair that is gold-blonde, brunette, auburn or black but with a warmer tint.

Cool and pink blush shades might make your skin look more yellow or dull instead of enhancing your features. Warm undertones look fabulous in the right blush! For a natural look, opt for blush bridesmaid dresses in warmer shades. We recommend:

♥︎ Brideside Samantha Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Ice Pink’
♥︎ Jenny Yoo Inesse Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Rosewater’ (pictured below)
♥︎ Jenny Yoo Mila Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Blush’

Jenny Yoo Rosewater Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
Beautiful blush bridesmaid dresses from Jenny Yoo in shades of ‘Rosewater.’ Photo Credit: KPix Photography

Warmer tones look best in gold jewelry; complete the look with a gold necklace or earrings. Go for makeup with warm tones (reds, corals, peaches) and more intense hues that complement a warm blush bridesmaid dress. For example, a peach lipstick with coral blush will brighten an already-warm complexion and punch up the peachy tones in your blush dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Cool Undertones

You likely have fair skin with cool undertones if the hue of your foundation makeup is more pink than yellow. This generally includes people with hair in shades of white-blonde, ash-blonde, ash-brown, red and black with a bluish tint. A warm-toned blush might make your skin look washed out or even greyish, especially when the wedding photographer is using a flash. All you need to do is look for bridesmaids dresses  in cool shades of blush with a blue undertone. Find inspiration in our top picks:

♥︎ Brideside Cher Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Frosé
♥︎ Jenny Yoo Ryan Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Whipped Apricot’ or ‘Rosewater’
♥︎ Sorella Vita Style 8798 in ‘Blush’ (pictured below)

Blush Sorella Vita Style 8798 dress at Brideside
Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dresses in ‘Blush.’ Photo credit: Hannah Lane Photography

If your bride gives you the option, wear silver-toned jewelry. Choose cooler makeup shades like silver, pewter and berry. Looking for the right lipstick or gloss? Opt for ones with blue-pink tones.

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses for Neutral Undertones

Many women have neutral skin, meaning that their skin doesn’t clearly have a yellow or a pinkish tint. If you have neutral undertones, you’re in luck! Many shades of blush will look great. Experiment with trying on different shades of blush-colored bridesmaid dresses, whether cool or warm, and pairing it with warm or cool-toned jewelry to match. Brideside has a huge selection of blush bridesmaid dress shades. See what makes you feel most beautiful! Our stylists love:

♥︎ Aura By Brideside Astrid Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Blush’
♥︎ Jenny Yoo Alanna Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Soft Blush’
♥︎ Sorella Vita Style 9146 in ‘Blush’

Mix and Match Blushes

For bridesmaid dresses, blush shades can also be deeper in hue and move toward rose or mauve in color. Some blushes can be so pale that they look almost beige or ivory. Play around with the whole spectrum from light to dark to see what plays up your best assets. If you have lighter features, for example, a richer or deeper color can be very complementary. On the flip side, if you have dark hair and dark eyes, a lighter blush acts as a beautiful contrast.

Consider punching up blush tones with patterns and prints. This is a great strategy for highlighting someone special, like your Maid of Honor perhaps, or adding a little pizazz. Brideside has as great selection of specialty fabrics, including embroidered florals, watercolor prints and sequins. Here’s a few you might like:

♥︎ Jenny Yoo Claire Bridesmaid Dress, in ‘Blush Sand Dune’ (pictured below)
♥︎ Jenny Yoo Cassie Print Bridesmaid Dress, in ‘Watercolor Blush’
♥︎ Watters Elson Bridesmaid Dress, in ‘Misty Rose Sequin’

Jenny Yoo Claire Bridesmaid Dress in Blush Sand Dune at Brideside
A variety of blush shades and prints, all from Jenny Yoo. Photo Credit: Rachel Mae Photography

Too many blush options to choose from? You can always offer to help the bride pick out complimentary blush tones that work for each of her bridesmaids. Don’t forget that she always has the expertise of a Brideside stylist right at her fingertips!

Talk to a stylist today about creating a beautiful blush palette for your bridal party!