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High Tea Bridal Shower

We love a fabulous tea here at Brideside. Not only are they fun but they are chic, delicious and a great way to catch up. To get started reach out to a local party supply rental company to see if you can borrow some amazing mismatched pieces of China. Then order some delicious macaroons and other desserts for the table. Make some simple finger sandwiches and you’re good to go.

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Picture from: Brides of Adelaide

Pro bridesmaid tip: Hit up a few local thrift stores and to grab teacups. Then head to a local florist (you may need to order in advance) to pick up your favorite succulents and moss. Plant the succulent in the teacup for a perfect, whimsical DIY gift for your guests.


Southern Charm Bridal Shower

Pull out the big hats and muddle some mint juleps for a charming bridal shower. Feel free to setup horse shoes outside and make bourbon infused meatballs, biscuits, and pecan pie truffles. Don’t worry about the small details with this sort of party – a mix rustic and glam details gives a chic vibe without having to make sure everything feels pristine.

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Picture from WeddingChicks

Bridesmaid Pro Tip: A great parting gift is a mason jar with a small bottle of Jim Beam, fresh mint and a cute straw or cute gold stir stick.


Preppy Brunch Bridal Shower

We have just one word for your – BRUNCH! Who doesn’t love an amazing brunch?!? While you may feel slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of making a brunch for all your bride’s closest friends, don’t fret! This could be as simple as a build your own parfait bar + bottomless mimosas or as complex as you want to make it. Add a bit of prep with a black and white striped table runner (a la Kate Spade) over a gorgeous hot pink table cloth. Add a few glamorous gold accents and you’re good to go.

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Bridesmaid Pro Tip: Order individually wrapped donuts from your favorite donut joint offer them to guests as the favors when they exit.


Breakfast at Tiffany Bridal Shower

What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s? This classic movie and beloved store is one of the most sought after bridal shower themes. Simple to dress for (cue the chic black shift dresses and layers of pearls) and it’s totally appropriate for the bride to wear a tiara. Find your favorite Tiffany blue runners and rent china from your local party store. Keep the color palette simple and the Audrey Hepburn quotes and references to a minimum.

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Photo from Tartas Decora Dasy Cupcakes

Pro Bridesmaid Tip: A simple but fun party favor for a Tiffany Bridal Shower is a tiffany blue bottle of nail polish wrapped in a satin white bow. Small gifts with big bows are always a yes!

French Salon Bridal Shower

Lavender, macaroons, and champagne. We love creating little tasting stations around the party for macaroon and champagne pairings. Find two different flavors and pair them together. It’s a super fun way for the group to mingle and meet new people, without playing games. Also, you have the freedom to incorporate fragrance, flowers and literally anything the bride loves about France.

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Photo from Arkansas Bride

Pro bridesmaid tip: Call your local florist to order dried lavender party favors. You can easily break them into smaller bunches for an ultra chic favor. Also steer clear for anything too cliche… say an Eiffel Tower champagne glass tower that could crash and ruin the whole day.


Fresh Outdoor Bridal Shower

Enjoy the great outdoors with a light, fun outdoor bridal shower. Break out the chalkboard and setup a few of your favorite yard games – we love a good game croquet or bocce ball. Depending on the vibe you’re going for perfect menu of light fare including crudités and finger sandwiches or good old fashioned BBQ with a lemonade cocktail.

bridal-shower-croquet-outdoor-livingPhoto from Hometalk.com

 Pro Bridesmaid Tip: Add fun little facts about the bride at each croquet post. Also, feel free to mix up the party favors with mini jars of honey or jam as a little memento.


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