The 2019 Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress trends you need to know.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide for one of our favorite bridesmaid dress designers, Jenny Yoo. This trendsetting designer is known for her understated, yet uniquely stylish, quality bridesmaid dresses.  From colors, to silhouettes, to fabrics, here’s what to look for when styling your wedding party in 2019 or beyond!



Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Trends: Skirting the Issue

The most popular Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses are ones with clean, elegant, and flowy lines. The Jenny Yoo Collection includes dresses with a flat front, a simple waist, and not a lot of fluff, frill, or pleating. One of the best things about this trend is that the dresses don’t look too fussy or complicated. They’re elegant and modern while still being romantic.  Dare we say…. re-wearable?

So what does on-trend skirt look like?

  • A full, maxi length A-line skirt (like Jenny Yoo Amara)
  • A full and flowing circle skirt with no ruching at the waist (like Jenny Yoo Kiara – which comes in prints and solids!)
  • A skirt that hugs the figure a bit more and accentuates the hips (like Jenny Yoo Reese)

Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Trends: Strappy and Happy

Gone are the days when your only bridesmaid dress option is a empire waist line, strapless gown.  While we love a classic, it’s not a style for everyone. Fortunately, the latest trend for bridesmaid dresses includes straps and interesting necklines. Finally, no more tugging at necklines and worrying about ‘falling out’ while on the dance floor. The Jenny Yoo Collection offers several form-flattering options that include straps:

The combination of luxurious fabrics and modern cuts ensures each dress style will still give a flattering fit.  The similarities in these cuts make it easy for bridal parties to mix and match while still having a cohesive look.  Mixing and matching a few styles will ensure your bridesmaids will feel as good as they look.  While these necklines and silhouette details are currently on trend, they are sure to never make you look back at your wedding photos and say ‘I can’t believe we picked that’. Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress styles are designed to give a timeless look. We love all of the looks mentioned above; you can also use the Brideside shop’s handy neckline and dress details filters to find the perfect look for your Jenny Yoo bridal party.



Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Trends: Keep it in the (Color) Family

Color is definitely a top priority when selecting your bridesmaid dresses. Most times, it’s the first thing you think about when beginning the bridesmaid dress hunt. It’s all about finding the perfect shade for your bridesmaids to choose dresses from or building a beautiful color palette. Of course, color trends will vary by seasons, personal preference, and wedding theme. We’re sharing some of our favorite color families that are sure to fit your vision! We’ve also picked a few of our favorite new (and some old) colors from each family.

  • Hues of blues. With 10+ shades of blue, you’re sure to find the perfect color you’re looking for. Want to create a palette? Jenny Yoo is known for her made to mix and match shades of blues. Choosing a few colors for your bridesmaids will achieve the ‘perfectly effortless’ look while actually feeling effortless.
    Favorites: Blue Bell, Denmark Blue, and Serenity Blue
  • Blushing bridesmaids: We can’t have a ‘trendy colors’ blog without blush! This color seamlessly works its way through seasons and wedding themes. Here are a few fresh takes on this fan favorite. Mix and match into your bridal party or style on their own!
    Favorites: Ditsy Print in Whipped Apricot, Petal (Satin Back Crepe), and Desert Rose
  • Bold babes: If you’re looking for something a little more ‘out there’, a little more ‘you’ and that means a little more bold, the Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid 2019 Collection is for you! This collection added some bright and new collections into the mix, and we’re loving it.
    Favorites: Chartreuse, Lipstick, and Kiwi
  • Maids in mauve: Yep, the pink purple ish color we’re all crazy about. (See our ‘WTF is Mauve?’ blog post) This subtle new color perfectly translate into bridesmaid dresses. There are a few hues to get the ‘mauve’ check. Here are our top choices by fabric.
    Favorites: Fig in Crepe, Whipped Apricot in Chiffon, and Vintage Iris in Tulle



Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Trends: Fabulous Fabrics

Jenny Yoo is known for her luxurious fabrics. While luxe chiffon styles remain a popular fabric for romantic, flowy styles there are some fun new fabrics that are showing up for 2019. Let’s talk 3 fabrics that are sweeping the bridesmaid dress world.

  • Velvet: Is it the 90’s? We mean that in the best way possible- we love the 90’s! We’re so happy to see the ultimate comeback of this fabric.
  • Satin Back Crepe: hello, elegance! The subtle sheen in this dress adds a hint of glamour.
  • Knit crepe: a fabric that hugs in alllllll the right places. Trust us, you’re going to love how this fabric fits and flares on any body type. Let’s make 2019 the year of comfortable bridesmaid dresses.

If you’re mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses, mixing different fabrics and textures is another great way to add variety to your bridal party!

Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Trends: Pretty in Prints

Like many of the 2019 trends, a print is a great way to mix and match colors or have your maid of honor stand out in a little something special. Jenny Yoo dresses are already on top of this trend, offering beautiful floral prints in several of the most popular color schemes.  Browse embroidered prints, big florals in the Ohana Print, or even delicate flowers in the Ditsy Print. Pick one or pick them all!

We’ve rounded up our favorite Jenny Yoo dresses here. Create an account to start saving your favorites today — and connect with a free consultant if you’d like help creating the perfect Jenny Yoo bridal party look!