Your big day wouldn’t be complete without your besties. From college roommates to sisters, your bridesmaids have played important roles in your life. Now, it’s time for them to stand by your side while you commit to your dream guy. As the bride, it’s your job to ensure that each of your bridesmaids look radiant throughout your wedding day. By choosing the right colors for their dresses, they’ll look beautiful walking down the aisle. If you’re struggling to find a color that compliments your wedding dress, let Brideside help. We’re the ultimate bridesmaid dress shop, carrying a variety of bridesmaid dresses that go together like best friends. Plus, our concierge styling services ensure that the dress colors of your bridesmaids are coordinated, complementary, and match the vision of your wedding.


Bridesmaid dresses

Neutral Dresses

There’s nothing safe about neutral bridesmaid dresses. Neutral-colored dresses are currently rising in popularity, and for good reason. Taupe, champagne, and nude-hued dresses are perfect for any season. They’re subtle, yet beautiful. While they may not draw the eye as much as bold colors, they blend with any theme and can be paired with any accent shade. Brideside’s Champagne looks beautiful paired with textured and embellished bridesmaid dresses like Jenny Yoo Serena in petal and Jenny Yoo Chelsea in champagne metallic. If you choose neutral colored dresses, you have the opportunity to add beautiful belts, jewelry, and shoes, without worrying about it clashing with the gown. To add a bit more interest to your bridal party, dress each of your bridesmaids in a different neutral color, creating a light and airy palette.

Muted Bridesmaid Dresses

Pale lavenders, mauves, and even muted orange bridesmaid dresses are a great way to make a statement no matter when your wedding takes place. While traditionally thought of for spring weddings, these elegant, mature colors are perfect for any backdrop. Picture a pale orange bridesmaid among the colors of falling leaves in Autumn. Jenny Yoo’s Aniston Dress in Sedona Sunset is perfect for late summer and early fall. Dusty blues like Brideside Moonstone pair perfectly with summer wild flowers, as do pale purples like Watters Burnished lilac. No matter how you choose to wear these light colors, your bridesmaids will look beautiful.

Dark Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy is always one of the most popular wedding colors. Its versatility makes it an easy choice for any season. For a winter wedding, consider a rich dark blue in a sleek material, such as Dessy Style 3012 in Sofia Blue. Paired with muted florals, these hues create rich and luxurious combinations. If you’re getting married during the summer months, choose a royal or navy blue in a knee length taffeta dress. Wild flowers, peonies, or baby’s breath will pop against this deep color of blue. Reds, greens, and succulents can also beautiful when paired with various hues of blues. No matter which season you choose to have your wedding, dark blues are an elegant way to make your bridesmaids pop.

Blush Dresses

Pink is universally feminine. If you’re considering this fresh, feminine color, it’s important to find the right shade to compliment each of your bridesmaid’s complexions. Blush dresses are perfect for both dark and light skin tones. Plus, blush pairs with any type of metal. Rose gold, silver, and yellow gold all look beautiful with this light pink color. By choosing blush colored bridesmaid dresses, you also have your choice of flowers combination. You can choose to have your bridesmaid’s bouquets pop with pale blue blooms or create a subtler look with white or neutral flowers. For a more rustic wedding, pair your bridesmaid’s dresses with succulent bouquets and baby’s breath. Because this look is a bit more casual, be sure to choose a blush gown that’s not too structured. Whether you choose a knee length gown or something flowy and long, your ladies will look absolutely breathtaking. For the perfect shade, try Brideside Frosé or Dessy Desert Rose.

Black Dresses

Nothing beats a little black dress, even at a wedding! If you’re looking for an elegant, classic, and upscale dress, black is your color. Black bridesmaid dresses will create the perfect contrast against your white wedding gown, making you pop in pictures and at the altar. Because black is neutral, you can choose any accent color to go along with it. While traditionally thought of as a more formal color, you can dress up or dress down your black bridesmaid dresses. Amsale Sophia and Bray are both clean and elegant in black. Metallics, reds, greens, and blues would look absolutely breathtaking with these gowns. From jewelry to floral crowns, it’s easy to make this color match the vision of your wedding. You may even consider wrapping your ladies’ bouquets in thick ribbon for a fun flare.


Mauve is one of this year’s hottest colors. From makeup to the runway, mauve is making a comeback. When added as your bridesmaid dress color, mauve will bring your wedding to life. This dusty purple color is subtle, yet bold all at the same time. It’s a smooth, light color that is easily paired with other hues to create a beautiful palette. For example, consider having your bridesmaid in floor length, flowy gowns. Then, have them holding bouquets with varying shades of deep red, white, and dusty pink. If you’re looking for a deeper accent color, pair your mauve bridesmaid dresses with navy, white, or maroon. It’s a unique and beautiful choice that’s sure to be a showstopper.

White and Cream

It’s a fashion faux pas to wear white to a wedding, right? Not this year! More and more brides are choosing to have their favorite ladies dressed in white and cream. While this may seem like it upstages the bride, it actually creates a romantic, airy atmosphere. Of course, your dress will be the main attraction, but with white bridesmaid dresses, you create a crisp, dreamy look. Natural blooms and bouquets add to the romance. A white or cream palette is an especially great choice for destination or beach weddings.


Choosing your bridesmaid dress color is a piece of cake thanks to Brideside. From elegant gowns to whimsical dresses, we have a variety of styles and colors for you to shop. With the help of our experienced consultants, you can pair various shades together or receive expert style advice on the spot. Whether you choose to shop in person at our boutique or from our online selection, Brideside is dedicated to providing you a relaxed experience, making your wedding preparations easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this bridal party started!