Your big day wouldn’t be complete without your besties. Be it college roommates, family, long-time friends or anything in between, your bridesmaids have played important roles in your life. Now, it’s time for them to stand by your side while you commit to your dream guy. As the bride, it’s your job to ensure that each of your bridesmaids look radiant throughout your wedding day. They’ll look beautiful walking down the aisle in colors you love.

If you’re struggling to find a color that compliments your wedding dress, let Brideside help. We’re the ultimate wedding and bridesmaid dress shop, carrying a variety of dresses that go together like best friends. Plus, our (free!) stylists ensure that the dress colors of your bridesmaids are coordinated, complementary and match the wedding vision!

blush and pink bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Aura by Brideside comes in so many shades of pink! From left to right: Aura Zoe in ‘Blush,’ Aura Astrid in ‘Crystal Rose,’ Aura Astrid in ‘Petal,’ and Aura Zia in ‘Quartz’

Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

There’s nothing safe about neutral bridesmaid dresses. Neutral-colored dresses are currently rising in popularity, and for good reason. Taupe, champagne and nude-hued dresses are perfect for any season. They’re subtle, yet beautiful. Although they may not draw the eye as much as bold colors, they blend with any theme and can be paired with any accent shade!

Brideside’s ‘Champagne’ dresses like Cher and Lucy (shown below) look beautiful solo or paired with textured and embellished bridesmaid dresses like Jenny Yoo Serena in ‘Petal’ and Adriana Papell Art Deco Blouson Gown in ‘Champagne Gold Beading’.

Brideside Champagne Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses
Play with these neutral bridesmaid styles, all in the Brideside collection and priced at $150! Photo Credit: Kelley Stinson Photography

If you choose neutral-colored dresses, you have the opportunity to add beautiful belts, jewelry and shoes without worrying about it clashing with the gown. To add a bit more interest to your bridal party, dress each of your bridesmaids in a different neutral color, creating a light and airy palette.

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Red and burgundy bridesmaid dresses are a great way to make a statement no matter when your wedding takes place. While traditionally thought of for fall weddings, these elegant, mature colors can work in any backdrop. Love deep reds but having a warm-weather spring or summer wedding? Pair the color with blushes and fresh florals to give it an airy feel. The Jenny Yoo ‘Cinnamon Rose’ shade is perfect for late summer and early fall. Try the Essie Bridesmaid Dress for a breezy look! If you’re doing burgundy bridesmaid dresses for fall or winter, you can definitely go a bit deeper. Check out the Brideside shade ‘Pinot‘ pictured below.

Brideside Ashley Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress
The Brideside Ashley Bridesmaid Dress, in shade ‘Pinot’ is a great Burgundy option! Photo Credit: Burroughs | Knight Photography

Burgundy bridesmaid dresses bring richness and drama to any bridal party look. Find more on our favorite burgundy bridesmaid dresses, complete with tips on how to style them!

Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy is always one of the most popular wedding colors. Its versatility makes it an easy choice for any season. Paired with muted florals, navy blue bridesmaid dresses can create rich and luxurious combinations.

If you’re getting married during the summer months, choose a royal or navy blue bridesmaid dress with a flowy skirt, like Aura by Brideside Astrid in ‘Navy’. For a winter wedding, consider a rich sleek look, such as Dessy Style 3012 in ‘Sofia Blue’ or a luxe fabric like Jenny Yoo Lena in ‘French Blue. (pictured below).

luxe and velvet navy bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Shop winter navies in fun fabrics from left to right! Jenny Yoo Malia in ‘French Blue,’ Jenny Yoo Dina in ‘French Blue,’ Jenny Yoo Selma in ‘French Blue Multi’ and Jenny Yoo Lena in ‘French Blue.’

Wild flowers, peonies, or baby’s breath will pop beautifully against this deep color of blue. Reds, greens, and succulents can also beautiful when paired with various hues of blue. No matter which season you choose to have your wedding, dark blues make for an elegant look!

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink is a universally bridal color. If you’re considering this fresh, feminine color, it’s important to find the right shades compliment your bridesmaid’s complexions. Blush dresses can look stunning on both dark and light skin tones. Plus, blush pairs with any type of metal: Rose gold, silver and yellow gold all look beautiful with this light pink color.

Blush bridesmaid dresses are very popular, which is why Brideside carries tons of different light pink shades, from ballet pink to rose gold bridesmaid dresses. Try Brideside ‘Frosé,’ Wtoo ‘Chateau Rose’ (pictured below) or Jenny Yoo Whipped Apricot.

Blush bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Wtoo Style 904 Blush bridesmaid dresses in ‘Chateau Rose’ paired with fresh florals make for a stunning spring or summer wedding look!

By choosing blush bridesmaid dresses, you also have your choice of flower combinations. You can choose to have your bridesmaid’s bouquets pop with pale blue blooms or create more subtle look with white or neutral flowers. For a more rustic wedding, go for succulent bouquets and baby’s breath. Thankfully, you’ve got lots of options!

Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Nothing beats a little black dress, even at a wedding! If you’re looking for an elegant, classic and upscale dress, black is your color. Black bridesmaid dresses will create the perfect contrast against your white wedding gown, adding some drama to your bridal party look and pictures!

Because black is neutral, you can choose any virtually any accent color to go along with it. Luxe metallics, reds, greens, and blues would look absolutely breathtaking with these gowns, but so would blush pinks or light gold colors. By adding interesting jewelry, colorful shoes or floral hairpieces, it’s easy to make this color match the vision of your wedding. Another fun way to add color: Consider wrapping the bouquets in a thick ribbon made of velvet, sequin, or grosgrain in another color from your palette!

Although traditionally thought of as a more formal color, you can dress black up or down with the right style and accessorizing. We love Jenny Yoo Marin and Brideside Penelope in ‘Black’ for a more laid-back, but still luxurious style. For a sophisticated, old-Hollywood look, try Alfred Sung D706 in ‘Black,’ (seen below). Paired with simple white flowers, this hi-low style is also great for showing off a great pair of shoes!

black bridesmaid dresses from brideside
Love this vintage-inspired look? So do we! Check out a similar Alfred Sung Style D741 in ‘Black.’ Photo Credit: JCI Creatives

Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses

Mauve is one of this year’s hottest colors. From makeup to the runway, mauve is making a comeback. As a bridesmaid dress color, mauve will bring your wedding to life. This dusty purple color is subtle and bold all at the same time. It’s a smooth, light color that is easily paired with other hues to create a beautiful palette. Consider flowy, long bridesmaid dresses like Jenny Yoo Ryan in ‘Lilac’ with bouquets in varying shades of deep purple, sage, white and dusty pink. For a chic high-neck style, try Amsale Sophia in ‘Mauve,’ pictured below.

amsale high-neck bridesmaid dress at brideside
Amsale Sophia in ‘Mauve’ looks great on its own, or with other pinks and purples!

If you’re looking for a deeper accent color, pair your mauve bridesmaid dresses with navy, aubergine, cream or maroon. It’s a unique and beautiful choice that’s sure to be a showstopper.

White and Cream Bridesmaid Dresses

Is it a fashion faux pas to wear white bridesmaid dresses? Think again! More and more brides are choosing to have their leading ladies dressed in white and cream. Although this may seem like it upstages the bride, it’s actually the color bridesmaids traditionally wore, and it invites a romantic, airy look to the bridal party!

Of course, your dress will be the main attraction, but with white bridesmaid dresses, you create a crisp, dreamy look. Natural blooms and bouquets add to the romance. A white or cream palette is an especially great choice for destination or beach weddings.

off-the-shoulder-white bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
These white bridesmaid dresses are truly stunning! Photo Credit: Stan Lo Photography

Choosing your bridesmaid dress color is a piece of cake thanks to Brideside! From sleek fitted gowns to whimsical a-line dresses, we have a variety of styles and colors for you to shop. With the help of our experienced stylists, you can pair various shades together or receive expert style advice on the spot!

Still undecided on colors? We will send you three swatches for free so you can see them up close and personal! Browse by color family on our swatches page.

Whether you choose to shop in-person in a showroom or from our online selection, Brideside is dedicated to providing you a relaxed experience, making your wedding preparations easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this bridal party started!