Hot on the Runway, Cool at Fall Weddings

Gold, silver and bronze gowns and accessories are back in a big way, and rose gold is becoming a new classic. It’s no surprise that brides are loving these shimmery, sparkly and all-out-glam metallic options, and that they’re becoming ultra-popular in bridal fashion.

Metallics used to be synonymous with the 1970s, when women’s fashion was disco-inspired, and partying at Studio 54, the most famous nightclub of all time, was described as ‘standing on stardust’. (Suffice to say there was loads of glitter.) When the decade came to a close, lush metallic  and all-over-sequin styles did too. Shimmery and reflective looks were replaced neutrals and loose boho styles.

Golds and silvers have occasionally popped onto the fashion week runways, but they didn’t make it back into couture style until the 2000s, when they become a mainstay on the red carpet. If you’re looking for someone to thank for bringing back this trend, J. Lo, Destiny’s Child and Lady Gaga are the girls for you.

Jokes aside, it makes sense that this color palette is popular among celebrities. Warm, shimmery bronzes; bright, shiny silvers; and deep golden gowns look great under bright lights, make your skin glow, and photograph beautifully. And for the exact same reasons, they work beautifully in bridal party photos! Best yet, metallics are no longer relegated to New Year’s Eve. Their glow warms up any fall wedding palette, and complements a range of deep and dusty bridesmaid dress hues.

Fall is Everyone’s Favorite Season

As metallic fashions began gaining in popularity, so did fall and winter weddings. Up until 2015, the most popular dates for nuptials were in the summer. June, specifically, was often called the wedding month. It wasn’t uncommon to hear of people who attended 2 weddings over Memorial Day Weekend, and a few more before July 4th. While summertime is still popular, it’s no longer the most popular time to get married. According to Brides magazine, fall weddings now far surpass both June and August for most popular wedding dates. In 2018, more than 30% of weddings occurred in September or October. Compare that to only 24% of brides who said “I do” in June or August.

The change in seasonal popularity coincided with the uptick in metallic fashions. Deep, metallic bronzes and platinum pop against a fall backsplash of warm orange, yellow, and red fall leaves. Meanwhile, shimmering silvers and lustering gold shine against a backdrop of holiday greenery. Metallic bridesmaid dresses coupled with fall or winter nuptials marry (pardon the pun) two on-point trends!

So how can brides incorporate one of today’s hottest fashion trends into their big day? Keep reading for a few tips for using metallics to make your wedding shine a little brighter.

Add a Little Glow with Metallic Groomsmen Accessories

The most obvious way to use metallics on your big day is by incorporating metallics into wedding party attire. This can be done in a variety of ways and is largely dependent on how bold you want to feature a metallic in your nuptials. Wants to show just a hint of metallic? For a more formal wedding, having your groomsmen wear pale gold, metallic pocket squares with crisp navy suits. If you’re going for something more rustic, wrap boutonnieres in thin, raw bronze ribbon for a subtly glowy, but not too formal effect.

Add Texture with Sequined Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

Sleek fall bridesmaid dress with hints of warm gold or cool shimmer are also beautiful. One of our favorite subtle but elevated options is Sorella Vita’s Modern Metallic bridesmaid dress line. If you want your bridal party to shimmer, modern metallic dresses are a great pick. It’s an all-over sequin dress style, but it’s not overkill. The matte finish of the sequins makes this dress look more metallic-y than sparkly–it’s an elegant take on high drama sequins. It’s available in gold and rose gold, two metallic hues that complement many color palettes.

Keep it Sleek with Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re looking for an airier, lighter look, try embellished crepe bridesmaid dresses from Jenny Yoo. These sheath style dresses have a metallic, shimmery finish, but won’t feel as heavy or as structured as a sequined gown. Jenny Yoo’s satin back crepe styles come in several flattering necklines, so you can mix and match these shimmery styles without having to create a look that’s matchy-matchy. Colors like latte and petal are near matches to gold and rose gold and can act as neutrals in a mix and match bridal party look. The line also offers high sheen black, emerald, and ruby-hued gowns, which are great options if you want just a hint of metallic finish for your bridesmaid dresses.

Toss Traditional Wedding Dress Norms Aside

Modern brides are more individual than those of decades past. While most American brides are still choosing to wear white gowns on their wedding day, it’s no longer unusual to see a bride walk down the aisle in any number of colors. If you’re wanting to incorporate metallics into your big day but don’t want to stray too far away from the traditional, consider a white dress with a shimmery, metallic overlay. Or go slightly bolder and select a delicate silver gown. But don’t be afraid to go even further. We’ve also seen brides choose warm bronze and rosy gold wedding dresses. It’s your day, so whether you want a classic white dress or something dramatically different, the day should be as special and unique as you!

Other Metallic Details to Bring the Party to Life

How you outfit the wedding party will play a big role in the look and feel of your wedding celebration, but brides begin setting the stage long before the big day arrives.

Invitations: Save the dates and invitations often give an indication of the wedding style, and both are a great way to incorporate popular metallics into your event. Consider custom glimmering foil invites, foil pressed invites, or gold calligraphy. You can carry that theme throughout your wedding by using something similar for place settings and signage at your nuptials.

Flowers: Your florist can help you select metallic accents for your floral arrangements. This may be metallic ribbons and bows or even metallic-dipped flowers themselves.

Centerpieces: Metallics can easily be incorporated into your centerpieces. For formal weddings, consider using gold or silver-plated china. For less formal affairs, weathered gold or bronze vases provide a shabby-chic and warm appeal. Shimmery tablecloths, runners, or napkins, like those pictured below, can lighten up a deep and rich fall wedding color palette.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, so it’s not surprising that most brides choose to use silver, gold, or another metallic shade as part of their day. The popular trend can be used as a showstopping centerpiece if selected for bridesmaid dresses or as a lovely neutral shade to offset a bride’s favorite color. With the marriage of fall and winter weddings and metallic fashions, it’s a match made in heaven.

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