Frequently Asked Questions
Who We Are
What is Brideside?
We are an all-channel concierge service dedicated to styling your bridal party seamlessly from start to finish. Marrying digital technology with a personal connection, our complimentary style consultants offer personalized styling inspiration, fit expertise and bridal party coordination so you can spend less time planning and more time celebrating. Whether you prefer to shop online, Try at Home or visit us in our Chicago showroom, we’re honored to be by your side.
Why order from Brideside?
Because we believe you deserve peace of mind. Rest assured your bridal party will look amazing without having to navigate the overwhelming options, sizing guides and lead times of designer bridesmaid dresses. Our style consultants can help you curate the perfect look from our exclusive assortment of over 350 styles from the world’s leading bridal designers. We coordinate directly with each of your bridesmaids so you can take bridal party planning off your to-do list.
Where is Brideside located?
We are proudly headquartered in Chicago, IL serving bridal parties all over the world through our style concierge and Try at Home services. If you’re in town and want to come visit, we’re located at 660 W Lake Street, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60661. You can schedule an appointment here.
How It Works
How does Brideside work if I’m a bride?
Simply sign up, and we’ll take it from there. Our concierge will match with you with your personalized style consultant who can help with style board inspiration, color swatches and styling tips. Create an account to save and share favorites with your bridal party. You’re always welcome to try on dresses through our Try at Home program, or visit us in our Chicago showroom.
How does Brideside work if I’m in a wedding party?
When you sign up, join an existing wedding party’s account or create a new wedding party. Your style consultant will help you curate styles that match your criteria, find the right size and place your order with plenty of lead time for the big day. You’re always welcome to try on dresses through our Try at Home program, or visit us in our Chicago showroom.
Do I have to be part of a big wedding party to use Brideside?
You don’t have to be a part of a big party to use Brideside. If you’ve been tasked to find any “champagne-colored gown” or “something short and black,” we can absolutely help with that. We carry over 350 styles in hundreds of colors, so we can help you find the perfect dress, whether you need one or ten.
I live in the greater Chicago area. Can I come visit in person?
Absolutely and we’d love to have you! Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid coming solo, or an entire wedding party, we’d love to have you. Schedule an appointment here.
Do I have to pay for an appointment?
No, appointments are complimentary (and the champagne’s on us!).
Try At Home
What is Try at Home?
Our Try at Home program lets busy bridal parties all over the country try bridesmaid dresses from home for just $10. Our style consultants can help you curate a box, or you can shop online and check out on your own. Visit our Try at Home page for additional information.
Why create a Brideside account?
Our digital tools help brides and bridesmaids share and communicate seamlessly with their style consultant and each other. Brides and bridesmaids can:
  • Meet their personal style consultant
  • View curated style board inspiration and stylist picks
  • Add and share favorites for the bridal party to view
  • View the order status for every member of the bridal party
  • View the order status of personal orders
  • Update personal account information
Will the wedding party be able to see each other's information?
Wedding parties will be able to view which dresses were added as favorites by each member of the party, which dresses were ordered (style and color), and when final dress orders are expected to ship. Wedding parties will not be able to view each other’s personal information such as order costs, sizing and billing and shipping information. Try at Home and swatch orders will only display for the person who ordered them.
Do I have to pay to use Brideside?
Nope. Our style consultant service is complimentary for every wedding party whether you’re a party of 1 or 10.
Do you offer group discounts?
Certain brands allow Brideside to offer group discounts based on the size of the party. If you have specific questions, reach out to your style consultant or contact us at
Are you an authorized retailer for your designers?
Yes! We love our designers and are authorized to sell them both online and in store.
I can find certain brands online that are listed at a lower price than at Brideside. Why?
Some designers have strict pricing policies while others are more flexible, which means you will occasionally find certain dresses at lower prices online. While we cannot speak to the accuracy and experience with other retailers, we can promise you that we at Brideside are obsessed with accuracy, timeliness and best-in-class customer care. This means that we provide our products at a fair price, but not always the lowest price. If you find a dress you like available for less elsewhere, please let us know. We're always interested in helping you achieve a priceless experience!
Colors & Fabric Swatches
How accurate are the dress colors on the site?
Sometimes your device or screen resolution will either enhance or dull a color. It happens to every website. Fabric swatches are available for every color at Brideside! Ask your style consultant for help too! She can help you find a sample dress to try at home in the colors you are interested in.
What's a dye lot?
"Dye lots" are the dye that fabric is dipped in to create the colors you love. When dresses are not made in the same dye lot, it's challenging to guarantee that the color of the garments will be the same. That's why we recommend that all bridesmaid dresses be ordered and produced together.
Sizing & Fit
How do I select the right size?
Each designer has their own sizing chart, and bridesmaid dress sizes don’t follow the same sizing standards as everyday ready-to-wear. Brideside has sized thousands of bridesmaids and is here to help! Talk to your style consultant. She knows a thing or two about the fit and construction of our entire collection. You can also watch our video and check out our guide for how to take measurements yourself.
What should I do if I am in between sizes?
If you are in between sizes, we’d recommend that you order to the larger size that will accommodate the tightest or most fitting part of the dress. For most dresses, this will be either the bust or the waist. It could be the hips, however, if the dress is form fitted or the lining is slim. Although the cost can be the same, it is easier to take a dress in than to let it out.
Where do I go for alterations?
Brideside does not perform alterations for our Chicago customers but we can make recommendations on how to alter and where to take your dress.
Why do bridesmaid dresses need alterations?
You are going to be in someone’s wedding pictures, hanging on their living room wall for years and years, so fundamentally, this dress needs to fit you well! And as a formal garment, bridesmaid dresses tend to lack the spandex and stretchy materials that make dresses we buy off the rack fit our bodies easily. Those extra nips and tucks are what make them special. Also keep in mind that in any dress, the best size for your bust may not be the best size for your hips or waist. We suggest that you order the size that accommodates your largest measurements and see a tailor for the adjustments.
I’m going to be pregnant at the wedding! Help!
Amazing! Congratulations! How far along you’ll be at the wedding will determine what style and size you should order. Contact your style consultant for help. We’ve done this a thousand times but it remains a very personal decision. We can help you think this through. But come to terms with the fact that you will likely need alterations.
I just had a baby! Help!
Woohoo! Depending on when you delivered and whether this is your first pregnancy or not, we can help you think through style and size. Let your style consultant know and she can give you some advice. You know your body better than anyone so we’ll defer to your judgment on what size to order but we are here to make sure that you are asking all the right questions and considering all nuances.
Is there an additional charge for plus size?
Most of our designers do charge an additional fee for plus sizes, ranging from $10-$30 and generally for sizes 18 and above. Brideside does not profit from this surcharge. If you select a plus size from a product page, the price will automatically adjust. Please reach out to with any questions.
What does cut to order mean?
Cut to order (and special order) are manufacturing and production terms. They mean that the dress you want will only be made after you choose to order it. These dresses are not hanging in stock in a warehouse. Bridesmaid dresses are cut to order to ensure color consistency among a wedding party. For example, if you and a friend both order a navy blue chiffon dress that is off the rack, one may have been made a month ago and the other may have been made 3 months ago. The shade of blue will be different and noticeable in person and on camera. Though it takes 8-16 weeks, cut to order is the only way to ensure that the dresses are made together to minimize any variation in color and style.
The wedding date is getting close and I don’t know if I have time to order a dress. What do I do?
Give us a call and we’ll figure it out 773-234-7187. Many designers will offer rush delivery options that we can talk through.
Can I order by phone?
If you can’t order your dress online using, we can invoice you by e-mail or help place you order over the phone.
How do I see a fabric swatch?
You can easily order a fabric swatch straight from a dress page on our website for $5. Reach out to your style consultant too because they are a great resource for knowing which colors and fabrics are worth comparing to one another.
I’m a bride and I’d like to contribute toward the cost of the dress. Can I do that?
Yes absolutely and many of our brides do. Whether you want to contribute to everyone’s dress cost or just for a few, we can help you and keep this confidential to all members of the wedding party. Reach out to your style consultant or contact us at for details.
Do we have to order together or can we order separately?
You can absolutely place your individual order when you are ready. Brideside will batch all of the orders of a wedding party together and place the final order as a group to ensure color and dye lot consistency.
Why do bridesmaid dresses take so long to arrive?
Bridesmaid dresses are cut to order, which means they won’t be made by the designer until we tell them to do so. (See the question “What does cut to order mean?” for some additional details). The 8-16 week period we quote is the time it takes from beginning to end – cutting the pattern from a bolt of fabric, making the dress, inspecting it, shipping it to Brideside and then to you.
What is the cost of shipping?
Brideside charges standard UPS shipping rates for all final dress orders. This can range anywhere from $10-$20 dollars depending on your location and package weight.
How long does shipping take?
Brideside generally delivers all packages through ground delivery unless you specify otherwise. This can take between 1 and 5 days depending on your location from our distribution center in Chicago, IL.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally for all final dress orders. However, our Try at Home program is only available in the contiguous United States (excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).
When will my dress ship?
As soon as your dress order is submitted to the designer, the dashboard in your Brideside account will post your expected ship date.
How long will it take for my Try at Home box to ship?
Try at Home boxes ship within one week and sometimes two depending on demand for our collection. Your style consultant and our Customer Care team will be in touch with an expected ship date and work with you to get you the box sooner if there is some urgency. We are constantly adding more dresses to our Try at Home sample inventory.
Return Policy
What is Brideside’s return policy?
You can read all about our return policy here. Our policy is to make each customer happy and that often means providing a different solution for different people.
My purchase arrived damaged. What do I do?
Reach out to us at We’ll gather the details from you and figure out what to do right away.
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